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Make Your Own Neuronal Network

MicroBrain Biotech develops and designs microfluidic devices and Nerve-on-Chip (reconstructed neuron networks at the micron scale). We offer new approaches for evaluation and screening of molecules (compartmentalized pharmacology, functional networks). Applications of the technology cover CNS ( for instance: Alzheimer Disease, Parkinson Disease), Toxicology, and Neuro-Electronic interfaces.

Nerves-on-chip are more accurate than conventional cellular cultures. They standardize the parameters of neural dialogue, avoid animal testing, help prioritization of Lead candidates and can provide personalized medicine.

"What I cannot build, I do not understand" Richard Feynman


MicroFluidic Dedicated to Neuronal Network
Neuronal Diode

is dedicated to driving breakthrough engineering and development in the field of screening on neurons. This technology offers a new experimental model, which fills a significant gap between current models based on dissociated cell cultures and animal brain slices. This innovation has a great synergy with the technology of human stem cells obtained by reprogramming.



In 2014, MicroBrain Biotech was co-founded by three researchers from the French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS), Jean-Louis Viovy, physicist and opinion leader in the field of microfluidic, Jean-Michel Peyrin, neurobiologist experienced in the prion field, and Bernard Brugg, neurobiologist expert in neuronal degeneration.

The team, collaborators, and advisors now include experts in • Cellular Biology • CNS Aging • Disease Biology • Preclinical Drug Development • Neurobiology • Physics-Chemistry • Micro-Systems & Microfluidics • Fabrication Process • Software Development • Engineering and Systems Integration.

We are eager to work with further collaborators and expand our team in these fields to help broaden our IP base and build the next age of safer CNS drugs.